Lingam Massage Techniques

The techniques for performing lingam massage predominantly get divided by the type of movements that the giver of the massage performs:

  •         Penis Strokes;
  •         Movements for the Testicles;
  •         Movements for the Prostate.

Lingam Massage Techniques: Penis Strokes

Strokes for both hands

  • The Shiatsu Stroke – performed with both hands at the same time, with all ten fingertips gently pressing of the shaft from both sides and moving in up-and-down sequences simultaneously.
  • The Skiing Stroke – performed with both hands in turns, with entire thumbs pressed to the shaft and “skiing” in straight up-and-down movements: one hand after the other.
  • The Screwdriver Stroke – performed with both hands, one positioned above the other, both of them gripping the shaft and rubbing it in spiral-like screwing motions. The hands can move clockwise or counter-clockwise either together, or with each hand taking its own direction. The Screwdriver Stroke can also be altered with one hand still “screwing”, while the remaining hand strokes the shaft up and down, instead of it spiral.
  • The Crossed Prayer Stroke – performed with both hands at the same time, as fingers crossed in prayer-like gesture grasp the shaft and move up and down, with thumbs either pressing on the skin with the rest of the fingers, or sticking out and creating an “opening” for the masseuse to get a better view.

Strokes for one hand

  • The Frenulum Stroke – performed with the thumb and the forefinger of one hand, as they gently circle the head of the penis, reaching the frenulum.

Lingam Massage Techniques: Other Strokes

Movements for the Testicles

  • The Cup – performed with one or two hands, creating a “cup” around the testicles and carefully massaging them.
  • The Milker – a light “come hither” movement that creates an aura of erotic playfulness. Slight irritation with nails can contribute to the plethora of sensations, but the masseuse should ask the receiver about such preferences.

Movements for the Prostate

  • The Spiral – soft spiral-like motions around the prostate, that may intensify as fingers of the masseuse get closer. This stroke can be applied from the outside as well as from the inside of the anus.
  • The Milker – the same “come hither” movement, performed on the prostate. It is the most efficient for internal use.
  • The Button – simple short periods of putting pressure on the prostate, either from the inside or from the outside.