How to Do Lingam Massage

What Is Lingam Massage?

Lingam massage is an erotic tantric practice that uses sexuality and spirituality for creation of unique healing experience. Lingam massage is not only physically and sexually rewarding – it can cause multiple male orgasms – but also psychologically relaxing. It can build up the trust between the partners, address anxieties and soothe nerves, but its main purpose lies in broadening the receiver’s sexual horizons. The best adult massage ends in client learning the unexplored capabilities of their bodies, while the masseuse becomes more experienced in the art of pleasure.

How To Do Lingam Massage?


  • The receiver of the erotic massage should lie on their back and slightly bend their knees, pushing them apart – a bit farther than the width of shoulders. This position allows access to all of the areas that will require stimulation.
  • The masseuse should make sure that her hands are warm – body heat is a necessary factor in receiver’s relaxation.
  • The lubricant should be present – a lotion, a massage crème or an essential oil, preferably with a weak smell that will not distract the receiver from the process of massage itself.
  • Mood lighting and soothing music are optional, but they are frequently included for the best erotic massage experience.


  • The masseuse should work her way up to the receiver’s genitals by starting from the farther parts of the body, such as inner and outer thighs, stomach, and hips.
  • The masseuse should later stroke the pubic area and the zone of the pelvic bone.
  • Finally, the masseuse can address the male genitalia – the lingam, testicles, and prostate.
  • The first strokes have to be gentle, while the rest of the massage can experiment with increasing intensity.
  • Certain movements require separate confirmations of consent – if the masseuse wants to use her nails in gentle strokes, she is obliged to ask the receiver whether that is something that he wants. The stimulation of prostate from the inside also demands a confirmation of the receiver being ready.
  • For better internal prostate stimulation, the masseuse should use additional layer of lubricant.
  • Lingam massage is about the process – the masseuse should hold the receiver on the brink of a climax for as long as possible, instead of seeing orgasm as the end goal.
  • After the massage is over, the receiver may need several minutes to regain his energy.