Lingam massage in Paris

Lingam Massage Therapy: What Is It?

Lingam Massage Therapy is a form of erotic recreational treatment, that uses the sexual release of the massage receiver as a remedy for such problems as:

  •         Reproductive health issues;
  •         Anxiety and Nervousness;
  •         Stress;
  •         Sexual insecurity.

“Lingam” is a tantric word that translates as “the shaft of light” and refers to the male genitalia. The specifics of lingam massage lie in the possibility of getting multiple orgasms – something generally attributed only to female sex life. While multiple orgasms are a desirable goal, the climax is in no way the ultimate purpose of lingam massage. This tantric practice is all about the process, and postponing the logical conclusion of the massage asis a part of the eroticism.

Lingam Massage Explication: Areas of Influence

The Usual Set for the Best Lingam Massage

Lingam massage may seem like an advanced form of masturbation, but it actually addresses not only the genitalia, but the areas around it. During lingam massage, the body parts and skin areas that get stimulated are:

  •         The shaft of the penis;
  •         The head of the penis;
  •         Testicles;
  •         Prostate;
  •         Inner and outer thighs;
  •         The lower part of the stomach.

Best Possible Alterations

While these parts of the male anatomy constitute the “usual” zones, affected by lingam massage, in the warming up stage the séance can include erogenous zones individual for every client. Those may include ears, nipples, neck, and so on. Anything that can get the receiver aroused counts as a valid inclusion.

How to find the Best Lingam Massage in Paris?

While lingam massage can be performed at home, the best service the client can get will come from a special salon, with help of a skilled erotic masseuse. As the universally acclaimed “city of love”, Paris offers a wide variety of services, associated with sexuality and erotic exploration. To receive lingam massage therapy, one has to look for a specific masseuse, who has an experience in providing erotic services, or, preferably, has an experience in delivering tantric massages. Salon lingam massage is the best option for “beginners”, who want to get the tantric experience in fullness. Things to bear in mind, however, include the inevitability of being touched by a relative stranger, and the chance of shyness subtracting from the pleasure, so the best advice is to enter the séance with an open mind. 

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What types of adult entertainment is there in Paris?

Erotic Massage Paris

There are many parlors that provide different types of lingam massage in Paris, both conventional and for adults.

There are:
– Sensual massage
– Sexual massage
– Male massage
– Nude massage
– Body rubs

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